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Aside from the Foundation, Damage to a Roof can be one of the most costly repairs a homeowner might face. Sudden events or natural disasters that damage a roof can have similar devastating effects on an entire home. The main culprit is water, which can cause tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. With these types of claims, it is crucial that the insured hires the right Public Adjuster who is knowledgeable about the local environment and the effect that roof damage can have on a property. This can be the difference between owning a dream home or a money pit.

At National Claims Institute, we provide all the tips and trade secrets you need to become an industry professional Public Adjuster with valuable trade roofing knowledge. We will teach you how to understand how roofs protect a home from the elements, how to spot and uncover affected property,  how to interpret a policy in relation to roof coverage, and how to get the most out of roof damage claims for your clients.

Composition shingle roof inspection

Specialty Roofing

Low Slope Roofing


Residential Roofing education is curated to make you highly proficient in all major types of residential (steep-slope) roof construction and issues that can affect a claim. As a Public Adjuster, you’ll learn how certain weather events such as hail and wind can affect the structural integrity of a roof. Learn the most advanced Inspection safety techniques, total roof area calculations for material purposes, and applicable codes based on national and locally set guidelines. 

Additionally you will leave National Claims Institute with an advanced understanding of various materials, installation, weathering, hail damage, wind damage, maintenance, mechanical damage, skylight issues and repair costs for all of the major roofing types such as: 

  • composition
  • wood shingle / cedar shake
  • concrete and clay tile
  • fiber cement

Along with other synthetic, slate, and metal roofing types. We use real world settings and scenarios to ensure you leave the National Claims Institute as an expert Roof Inspector so you can get the most out each and every roof claim you assess.

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Alongside education related to residential roofing applications, Our Public Adjuster Roof Inspector program will teach you all about Commercial Roofs. You will learn how to review and assess commercial roofing damage to all major types of low-slope and flat roofing systems common in commercial application. 

As an adjuster with specialized training as a commercial Roof Inspector, you’ll become a professional in inspection of commercial roof damage, flat roof area calculations, codes and industry standards, common construction materials / practices and weather issues. With each type of roofing discussed at the National Claims Institute Roofing Inspector course, our instructors review:

  • how roofs are manufactured
  • installation
  • weathering issues over time
  • hail damage & wind damage
  • general maintenance
  • common materials used
  • repair costs. 

The National Claims Institute Public Adjuster Roof Inspector course covers all types of Commercial roof applications such as Tar / Asphalt Roofing, (PMB) polymer-modified bitumen roofing, built-up roofing, thermoplastic single-ply roofs (both TPO and PVC), thermoset plastic single-ply roofs (EPDM, CSPE, PIB), metal roofing, low-slope roofing components, and general roof coatings. 

At National Claims Institute we offer comprehensive on site and online courses covering commercial roofs, residential roofs and related wind damage. Our state-of-the-art classroom intensive is designed for adjusters, contractors, forensic engineers and others looking to learn more about the adjusting process related to roof claims. NCI classes combine professional roofing knowledge with damage assessment training and testing to make you a Public Adjuster with expert roofing knowledge.

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When it comes to property restoration from damage or total loss, being a Public Adjuster with knowledge of construction trade is key to a successful business and/or career. From a foundational understanding of building code, true construction / contractor labor costs, to pricing of materials involved in reconstructing a damaged structure, and other variables–an understanding of construction will help your client obtain the true value of a claim.

Hiring a professional public claims adjuster has many benefits for the property owner:

  1. The property owner will simply get more out of their claim. Public Adjusters are hired to ensure a property owner gets as much money as possible to get them back on their feet. At times a talented claims adjuster with the right professional knowledge can double what a homeowner could obtain in the claim should they go it alone. Additionally this will ensure the property is repaired and completed to 100% satisfaction. 

NOTE: Reports from the Florida OPPAGA shows that homeowners statistically get more on their settlement when using a Public Adjuster then when not.

As a Public Adjuster, understanding building material and labor costs will help your client get back on their feet.

  1. A homeowner will gain a professional advocate on their side. With a certified Public Adjuster working with the insured they will have someone who is consistently pushing for the home owner. Public Adjusters are extremely knowledgeable in their craft and in understanding all the legal clauses an insurance company uses to keep money in their pockets.
  2. Never any loose ends or paperwork to sort through. A Public Adjuster is held to a high standard. This means they can’t bend many rules, are fingerprinted, bonded, and well educated. They have a deep rooted understanding of construction and skilled trades- for example: understanding how drywall rots from various leaks and even how plumbing works. A claims adjuster’s goal is to ensure that the owner is fully compensated for any damaged property. Most construction components that might be glanced over like behind the wall insulation or even sheets rock repair won’t go unnoticed.

With real world experience our educational team of skilled public adjusting experts will work with you to learn the ins and out of claims adjusting. By having real world, hands-on experience combined with dedicated classroom knowledge you will quickly become an industry leading professional.

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