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Residential Interior Inspection Water Loss - Certification Course

Residential Interior Inspection – Water Loss Certification Course

Public Adjusters, Independent Adjusters and Contractor are often enticed by the potential profits that can be made by jumping into water mitigation claims. This is mainly due to the massive influx of interior scopes that need to be done after a run during hurricane season. The problem is that most Contractors and Adjusters don’t live in that world and quickly find themselves in over their head, both technically and financially. 

What if there was a class that showed you the basics of water claim investigation, navigation, and scoping with information investigated both internally and received from a 3rd party? What if there was a blueprint for how/when to bring those third parties in, and how to utilize the proper third parties? What about identifiers and the skillset used to properly identify and categorize the water loss? What if we could give you a basic understanding of when and how these types of losses are handled separately from the exterior damages.

Well, you’re in luck. The National Claims Institute is now offering “Basic Interior Investigations – Water Loss”. This class will be taught by Daniel Robosky from Robosky Consulting and will give you an in depth look at how to get through the first few stages of navigating a water loss and how to properly prepare the information to submit with the claims documents to provide the best outcome for your clients!


This class offers a basic overview of the following:

  • How to document and scope an interior water loss
  • What tools to use in order to properly document the loss
  • What indicators to look for depending on the type of structure
  • When to bring in a third party and what to look for when selecting one


And for a limited time this course also includes RESIDENTIAL WATER LOSS ESTIMATICS:

  • How to properly estimate the loss after all the information is gathered – Xactimate
  • What line items are specific to water losses and hazardous materials
  • How to calculate equipment and what equipment to use based on the extent of the loss
  • How OSHA and IICRC parallel each other and how to insert those line items to utilize

(Participation in the Estimatics Course is Optional. If you choose not to attend, you may leave a day early. Please bring a device that can access Xactimate with you. This portion of the course is not part of the certification.)

Lunches Provided. (We are not able to accommodate any special dietary needs)

$745 per student. Message for groups of 5 or more.