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Public Adjuster 102 - Advanced Residential Policy Interpretation


Location: Online Webinar OR In-Person (your choice – same price either way)
This is NOT a pre-licensing course. CE Credits are not provided from this course.
This 2-day Course is designed to teach Policy Interpretation as it applies to most States. This course is not yet evaluated for CE credits.

Insurance policies are supposed to be written in plain language, but anyone that has actually tried to read a policy knows that that is not the case. Insurance Policies are some of the most complex contracts written with often perplexing language and ambiguous terms. Insurance policies are getting longer with more caveats and triggers than ever before. It can be easy to get lost in the language or to make the wrong assumptions.
PA 102 – Advanced Residential Policy Interpretation teaches you the ins and outs of Residential Property Policies:

1. Learn the ACTUAL meanings of commonly misinterpreted terms
2. Learn how to quickly dig through a policy to find coverage
3. Learn how the policy is ACTUALLY supposed to be applied
4. Learn ways to explain and document failed interpretation
5. Learn how to THINK your way through a policy so you can find hidden coverages

NOTE: This class is not state specific. Every state’s statutes, regulations, and case laws are different and will require the student to learn and understand the differences for their state before applying the information presented in this class.

$495 per student. Message for groups of 5 or more.