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Public Adjuster 101 - Residential Claims Process

NCI Public Adjuster Process for Residential Claims Handling | 3-days ONLINE or IN-PERSON

Location: Online Webinar or In-Person at the NCI Florida Campus. Your choice
3 Days –  9am-5pm; 

New Public Adjusters often learn the hard way that the pre-licensing course they took to get their Public Adjuster license didn’t teach them how to BE a Public Adjuster. This leaves you with only a handful of options, work for another PA firm to learn the ropes, find a mentor willing to spend time to go through everything, or figure it out on your own through the school of hard-knocks. 

What if you could take a 3-day class that gave you everything you need to know to take a claim through a simple process from beginning to end? How much time and money would that class save you? How much money would that class MAKE you?

PA 101 teaches you the basics of BEING a Public Insurance Adjuster.

  1. Learn what happens during a claim
  2. Lean what is expected of you as a PA and how to achieve it.
  3. Learn the NCI Public Adjuster Process for Ethical Residential Claims Handling
  4. Learn how to THINK your way through a claim and how to find the answers you need.

NOTE:  This class is not state specific. Every state’s statutes, regulations, and case laws are different and will require the student to learn and understand the differences for their state before applying the NCI Public Adjuster Process for Residential Claims Handling. 

$749 per student. Message for groups of 5 or more.