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Contractors are a crucial part of claims whether some Insurance Carriers or Public Adjusters want to admit it. Whether you are an Emergency Restoration Contractor, a Building Consultant or a Roofer, knowing what is expected of you and knowing how to provide it will benefit your client.

We have a variety of courses designed with contractors in mind. The National Claims Institute has several Certification Programs available to Contractors. We provide Inspection, Documentation, and Estimation training for almost every job type. We can provide the understanding and know-how for you and your team to determine if you want to take on a job or if you need ro recommend a Claims Professional such as a Public Adjuster or Attorney involved.

We also provide deep discounts for contractors that send their entire team out for Certification regularly. If you are a contractor and you want to know more about the claims process and how you can effectively perform your job for your clients success, then this is the place for you.

NOTE: Some states have greater restrictions than others regarding the limitations on contractors involved in insurance claims.


Insurance adjusters that work for the policyholder or the insurance provider have to be able to effectively interpret the policy. We find that many insurance carriers lack enough training on the policy for their adjusters. Public Adjusters have very few resources available to gain knowledge. The National Claims Institute wants to be the resource that adjusters look to for learning and practical application.

Most Adjusters can agree that insurance policies can be confusing and ambiguous. Claims practices are sometimes just as inscrutable. The National Claims Institute has courses designed to teach proper interpretation and claims handling techniques so that no matter who your client is, you can find success. We want to claim to speak for itself, not the claims handling. Protect yourself and your license by knowing your role 100% and providing the best service possible within your means.

Adjusters also need to learn how to work with the resources available. We teach how to utilize experts to the greatest effect and what documentation is needed inside the claim file. We teach how to perform a proper and full investigation. We have State Specific online courses that delve into the State specific statutes, regulations and current case law as it applies to the claim. If you are an adjuster, or want to be one, there isn’t a better place to learn than the National Claims Institute.


First Party Property litigation is not the same as a standard tort or common law. There are vast differences in the way fees are handled from one state to the next and enough confusion among the statutes and case law nationwide to make an attorney without experience in this field decide it isn’t worth doing.

The National Claims Institute is the first school to provide Attorneys with First Party Property Training. From Pre-Lit strategy to EUOs, Depositions and Trial. We train you on exactly what your role is and how to perform it to your clients benefit.

Many First Party Attorneys find the Adjuster Courses offered at the National Claims Institute to be very useful when researching the claim facts. A better understanding of policy interpretation and application helps attorneys identify problem areas and claims handling failures. Let the National Claims Institute turn your practice into a Success.

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