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With natural disasters and ongoing catastrophes throughout the United States increasingly wreaking havoc on residential and commercial properties, the need for litigation continues to grow. When an insurance company reviews a property damage or loss claim of the insured, many times the real world cost of reconstruction is vastly greater than the actual pay out. This usually causes tremendous hardship for the unknowing insured / property owner. As a for profit entity it’s the insurance companies job to mitigate internal loss by keeping the total out of pocket payout as low as possible. This is when the insured may seek legal counsel from an Insurance Claims Attorney expert.

As an Attorney representing the insured, you will find yourself as an advocate for the property owner. Having a legal expert who understands the ins and outs of residential and commercial claims adjusting, structural building and failure points can mean all the world to the insured individual(s). Essentially you will be front line and center helping families and business owners get back to their daily lives quickly and painlessly. 

However, there are times when an insurance company may seek counsel from an expert Insurance Claims Attorney or law firm. In this case, you could find yourself dealing with elements of insurance fraud–ensuring a fair system. Alongside the climbing cost of goods, materials and labor, insurance fraud is the leading cost of rising premiums throughout the country. Advocating on behalf of a wrongly settled or in process of settlement claim can help keep premiums down for millions of policy holders over time.

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This is a question we at the National Claims Institute get asked time and time again: When is it time to contact an Insurance claims Attorney to discuss your property insurance claim? Is this something that the insured do to fight large scale insurance companies when the payout is not the face value of the damage? For the most part, simple straight forward claims settle out of court without much trouble. However,  in cases where the damage assessment vs the property value can not be easily resolved or commercial loss comes into play (such as inventory value) a chance of an ongoing legal battle may arise. 

If you or your clientele find themselves involved in a disputed claim you are much more likely to need to seek legal help from a professional Insurance Claims Attorney.  As the insured fighting against the insurer, working with an experienced Insurance Claims Attorney before you follow up with your insurance company regarding your claim will help avoid damaging your case.

Are you a lawyer / law firm who wants to truly understand the claims adjustment process? At the National Claims Institute we help lawyers learn the ins and outs of structural issues and the claims process as a whole. 

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