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If you are already an Insurance Claims Adjuster or are considering becoming one, Florida’s National Claims Adjuster license programs are custom tailored for success. Per Indeed.com A licensed Claims Adjuster, or Insurance Adjuster, is essentially responsible for overseeing any damages to commercial or residential property, personal injuries and stock or goods related to a structural mishap. This is all done to decide how much an insurance company is obligated to payout to a policyholder. Insurance companies themselves try to mitigate loss and leave the property owner with the least amount of possible payout for their damaged property. Essentially you become an advocate for the victim in a structural loss or failure- restoring peace of mind for the property owner.

Generally speaking, there are two main types of Insurance claims adjusters: Independent claims adjusters who are 1099 independent contractors or sole practitioners who work for or alongside Adjusting Firms big and small. Staff adjusters are traditionally payrolled employees of an insurance carrier or public adjuster firm who work in traditional settings.


From residential homes and habitable structures to multi-million dollar condo developments / commercial properties, an adjuster license can springboard your financial future. However, the difference in the two types of adjusters can not only have an effect on the day to day job duties of a licensed claims adjuster but also affect a licensed public adjuster’s overall pay structure.

Our Public Adjuster courses will give you the skills and training to effectively advocate for the insured during the claims process. An on-staff Claims Adjuster Salary can range from $34,000-$75,000 depending on location throughout the United States. On average, an entry-level Claims Adjuster salary, with a brand new adjuster license is about 45k (median average).
For Independent licensed adjusters the bottom line can be as endless as your entrepreneurial spirit will take you. In general, $120,000-$145,000 is an average number within a given fiscal year, especially when handling catastrophe claims in storm prone areas.

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This is not to say however that 100k+ is a finite number in terms of an independent Claims Adjuster salary. As an example of such- during the previous 2017 hurricane season some adjusters were making six figures in just one month! As far as quality of life goes- an independent licensed claims adjuster makes their own schedule. You can essentially choose where and when you work. Do you have family obligations or certain elements within your life that require calendar flexibility? Working as an independent licensed insurance adjuster could be the perfect career for you. Because of this flexible career path, it becomes difficult to determine real hours spent on the job vs. annual Claims Adjuster salary. But ultimately the career possibilities are endless going down the independent adjuster path.
Staff adjusters however do enjoy benefits that independent claims adjusters simply don’t. In most cases they are backed by an agency or large corporate entity which has the employed adjuster receiving great benefits such as health, vision and dental insurance, vacation, personal and sick leave, a 401k or comprehensive retirement package and company equipment. Whereas the large majority of these are the sole responsibility of an independent adjuster to navigate on his / her own.

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