Become an expert with one of our hands-on Property Insurance Claims classes. From Residential & Commercial Roof Inspection Certification Courses to Adjuster Claims Handling classes, we have something for every career path. Whether you want to expand your knowledge base or get the training for a new career, learn from our industry-leading instructors and curriculum.

Public Adjuster School


Whether you are Public Adjuster, Insurance Claim Adjuster, or are thinking of becoming an adjuster, we have the perfect claims adjuster courses for you. From Documentation, Filing and Handling techniques, Adjusting strategy and Ethics, we have the courses you need to grow to the next level.

Attorney Public Adjuster school


Develop great property case strategy for your clients in becoming an expert in the insurance claim process. By becoming an expert in insurance claims and litigation, you will better serve your clientele and offer better service than your competitors. You will not regret acquiring a better understanding of the process and roles during an insurance claim along Florida’s fun coast line.

Roofing Adjuster


Whether new to the roofing industry or a seasoned professional, our courses will help you grow your business and effectiveness. Our hands-on courses can assist you with everything from Identifying Damage, Evaluation, Measuring,
Proper Documentation and more. Learn how these can impact your role in an insurance claim.


Master policy language with National Claims Institute: A real world Insurance Claim school.

Licensed Public Adjusters are career trained professionals who are concerned with one thing only: Ensuring their clients receive proper compensation for property damages.

A Public Adjuster with proper training

from a Public Adjuster School will work on behalf of the homeowner/policyholder(s) as an advocate. A skilled Public adjuster will be able to successfully negotiate and settle claims to obtain the best possible outcome for the insured. 

As the advocate for the insured policyholder, Public Adjusters are responsible for preparing all the details associated with a client’s claim including: preparing and supporting the client’s claim and interpreting and evaluating the client’s policy to ensure the best end result. As a Public Adjuster the end goal is to gather all pertinent information for the claim to best negotiate on your client’s behalf. With proper Public Adjuster Training, an Adjuster should get their client the maximum settlement allowed. Additional responsibilities include real time on and off site damage appraisals, preparing and reviewing repair estimates and other pertinent claim documentation. Additionally,  in some cases an Adjuster will reopen a claim to negotiate for more money if a large discrepancy is found after the claim has been settled.

Public Adjusters are the ultimate champion for property owners. Property owners rely on Public Adjusters to fight for the maximum financial compensation awarded during a time of hardship during property loss.  As an industry leading Public Adjuster school, National Claims Institute provides real world Public Adjuster training so you can master the language found within a property insurance policy. With proper guidance and training from a Public Adjuster school such as National Claims Institute, as a Public Adjuster, you will have the upper hand in negotiating the best possible outcome on your client’s behalf.

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