Become an expert with one of our hands-on Property Insurance Claims classes. From Residential & Commercial Roof Inspection Certification Courses to Adjuster Claims Handling classes, we have something for every career path. Whether you want to expand your knowledge base or get the training for a new career, learn from our industry-leading instructors and curriculum.

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    Master Insurance Claims Handling with the National Claims Institute: A real world Insurance Claim School for BOTH SIDES.

    Proper Insurance Claims Handling stems from Proper Insurance Claims Training. It doesn’t matter what role you play in the insurance claim, without a solid base of knowledge you are likely to accidentally hurt the policyholder and yourself in the process. Whether you work for the Insurance Carrier or the Policyholder, having the right information can mean the difference between a Settled Claim and a Disputed Claim. The National Claims Institute was formed with the idea that both sides should be taught the same information so there is less animosity and more cooperation regardless of who you work for.

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    We teach policy interpretation to Insurance Adjusters and Public Adjusters in the same classroom.


    We teach inspection courses to Engineers and Restoration Contractors in the same classroom.


    We teach Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys how insurance cases are handled in the same classroom.

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    Let’s learn about both and start working together. At the National Claims Institute, you can Learn, Adjust and Succeed.

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    Combined with decades of industry knowledge and thousands of successfully satisfied property owners- the team at National Claims Institute are industry leading public adjusters. Our knowledgable faculty will guide you on your path towards a successful career in just a short period of time. Meet our talented faculty below.

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