Composition Shingle Roof Inspection

A 5-Day Certification Course

Next Session: January 3rd - 7th 2022

January 3-7 – Lunches Provided Monday – Thursday

This is a 5 day in-depth certification course that teaches you everything you need to know and what to do to determine if a viable claim exists.

This course is designed for Contractors, Inspectors and Adjusters both new and seasoned.

You will learn:

  • What Hail and Wind Damage actually look like in the real world – We have actual examples so you can FEEL the damage
  • The tools used by Roof Inspectors to Document and Verify Damages
  • What to document on the Elevations, Attic and Roof – and how it will affect the outcome
  • How to determine Repairability and Document results
  • What information you need from the Policyholder
  • Limited Dec Page Review for Coverage
  • How to put all the information together on site to determine if a viable claim exists or whether to get a claims professional involved.

NOTE: Many states do not allow contractors to determine if coverage exists or to investigate a loss with the intent to induce an insurance claim and may be considered the Unlicensed Practice of Public Adjusting or the Unlicensed Practice of Law. This course will provide you with enough knowledge to know when to recommend a licensed professional get involved. National Claims Institute is not responsible for the use or misuse of the information provided in any way.

Anatomy of Roofs and Shingles
How roofs are constructed from the framing to the ridge cap.
Pertinent codes and how it they affect claims
Types of Composition Shingles and how they are constructed

Types of damage, what it looks and feels like, and how to discover and document evidence.
Textbook damage vs damage in the real world
How to identify it, document it, and provide evidence for the damage.
We discuss ALL types of damage, not just Functional.
Tools used by Roofing Inspectors to perform their jobs safely and effectively.
Weather/Storm Data Discovery importance of having supporting weather data.
Documentation and Photos – importance of consistent photo documentation with notations
-Other vendors may be present for this day’s course

Learn how to prepare and inspect a property properly step by step.
Attic Inspection – We discuss what to look for, what to document, and many tips and tricks of the trade that make a difference on insurance claims
Exterior Elevation Inspection – What to look for and how to document it. Find evidence of storm related damages.
Roof Inspection – How to perform the roof inspection step by step for maximum effect.  What photos to take in anticipation of a claims adjuster or engineer appointment

DAY 4 – MOCK INSPECTION / FINAL QUESTIONS / BRING IT ALL TOGETHER  (8am – 4pm)  Early Day to avoid heat
Live inspection together using everything you’ve learned so far (Weather Dependent)
Discuss what information you need from the Property Owner
Basics of how to read the Dec Page to determine basic coverages
Bring it all together –

DAY 5 – REVIEW / CERTIFICATION EXAM (9am – 2pm  –  Once exam completed the student may leave)
Course Review with a Q/A session
Certification Exam – Students will have 1 hour to complete the exam.  Once the exam is completed the student may leave.

NOTE:  Lunch will not be provided on Friday

Next Session: January 3rd-7th 2022