Become an expert insurance claims adjuster with National Claims Institute, with our industry leading curriculum and courses.


As a licensed Contractor or skilled tradesman, you can learn your roles in the insurance restoration process at National Claims Institute . From performing a proper inspection on both commercial and residential housing, to providing the right documentation before, during and after the work is completed, as a skilled contractor you will feel confident knowing what to expect and what is expected from you.


Both Insurance Claims Adjusters and Public Claims Adjusters will learn every aspect of your role in the Insurance claim process. From proper claims documentation, filing and claim handling techniques and the ethics of adjusting, Insurance Claims Adjusters on both sides of the fence will learn all the ins and outs of Insurance adjusting. All with our skilled team here at National Claims Institute.


Plaintiff and Defence First Party Property Attorneys should also learn the Insurance claims Adjusting and handling processes! Many of these rules and regulations aren’t typically taught in law school. However, here at National Claims Institute we make everyone an Insurance claims Adjusting expert.(this last sentence basically says that we will teach EVERYONE how to be an adjuster even if its illegal for them to act as one. We also want to teach attorneys how to be an attorney in First Party Property, not to be an adjuster) From understanding the roles of Contractors and Insurnace Claims Adjusters to developing the right case strategy for your clientele, Attorneys finally have a resource to learn about Insurance Claims and Insurance Litigation.

Conveniently LOCATED IN FLORIDA along the Atlantic coastline

National Claims Institute’s central campus is located in beautiful New Smyrna Beach Florida. Located just outside of Daytona Beach and just a short drive from Orlando Florida, our large classrooms can hold up to 300 students at a time. Our in-person Insurance and claims adjuster classrooms provide National Claims Institute with the ability to hold classes for large hands-on professionals and entry level students just starting out their careers. National Claims Institute, as the industry leading instructional insurance claims academy is also registered as a research facility. So don’t be surprised if you see important industry specific experiments being conducted on campus!

Our students are encouraged to bring friends and families along your short but innovative instructional journey. The town of New Smyrna Beach Florida is a great place to relax and enjoy the sun and surf all while you are furthering your claims adjuster career, or just taking your first steps. There is something for everyone here in New Smyrna Beach. The town is known for its performance and visual arts and has plenty of local eateries for any palette. The smooth white sands of New Smyrna Beach Florida make for the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Kayak, paddleboard and surfboard rentals are available for those looking to enjoy the water. Florida’s Indian river is excellent for paddle boarding all while and seeing the eclectic wildlife. New Smyrna Beach is world renowned for having some of the best conditions for surfing on the Eastern Seaboard. Rock ledges 4-5 miles offshore provide plenty of wave breaks and protection from dangerous undertows! Surfing lessons are available almost year round for anyone looking to try their hands at the sport.

Be sure to check out all New Smyrna Beach Florida has to offer for more local attractions and entertainment information.

Get started on your career as a professional Insurance Claims Adjuster with National Claims Institute.